Bellevue International Corp. is a Greater Seattle Web video production company, and marketing firm. We specialize in developing videos, Flash and other animated presentations that are designed to effectively market your business. We offer Web video marketing and distribution services to leverage the marketing pieces that we create, and other content. We also offer Web audio and video integration services to effectively present and house these presentations online.

The Video Age has come to the Internet and it is here to stay with Web sites like YouTube, being among the most popular and prominent. People are reading less, and prefer richer media. It often takes more than static content to stand out in the competition and get your message delivered. Multimedia includes audio, video, and animation. For those who want more than static content for marketing, we develop and integrate multimedia to powerfully promote your company in your own marketing presentations, advertisements, product demos, etc.

We all know the power of audio and video for marketing on radio and television. The Internet is essentially the radio and TV of today, that puts the power of marketing with audio and video at your disposal. This levels the playing field in an arena that has traditionally been dominated by big corporate media.

We offer Flash development and other motion graphic formats. Flash is the most effective method for adding animation, multimedia and interactivity to Web pages and steaming content. Flash when done correctly can greatly enhance your marketing message. With the addition of audio and video to your marketing campaign, sales conversion rates soar.

We also develop marketing and educational documentaries in the arts, sciences and philosophy. We have a particular interest in video documentaries as a means of conveying complex information with much greater ease and effiicency by engaging the visual and auditory senses, accelerating the transfer of information and making learning more enjoyable.

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