About Us

About UsBellevue International Corp. was founded in 2000 as a marketing and consulting firm. It is a leader in Web video production, marketing and Web video integration to bring businesses to the latest state of the art in the Web video marketplace.

Our services include Web video production and multimedia development with audio, video and Flash development and integration. Our expertise includes marketing design and search engine optimization. We provide detailed market research to greatly increase your chances for success.

Music ScoreOur multimedia background includes working with professional musicians, arts groups and record companies developing and integrating audio, video, movies, and Flash presentations into Web sites, and the creation and development of Web sites, multimedia and online marketing from conventional collateral such as print materials, sound recordings, videos, voice talent and radio advertisements, leveraging this for integrated online-offline cross promotion. Marketing the arts and education along with standard business has inspired a more imaginative approach, and has provided more diverse experience to meet the many marketing challenges.

Bellevue International Corp. is not merely a Web video production company; it is also a marketing company

Apart from its work in video production, Bellevue International, produces documentaries in the arts, humanities and education. In the arts, we are currently working on documentaries on classical composers and music.

Bellevue International has been a contributer to community cultural activies as concert organizer in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. It has presented piano and chamber music events. It has brought some of the world's best musicians to the Pacific Northwest.


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