Audio Production

Web design Do you need some audio element for your Web site or multimedia production? Are you looking for voice talent or professional voiceovers, music or soundtracks? Bellevue International Corp. offers these services.

Bellevue International Corp. produces audio for the Web. Web audio production can be something similar to radio commercials that includes professional voiceovers, voice talent, music and other sound effects as needed. We have also produced commercials that have aired on major radio stations. These can also be used on Web sites for advertising without the high cost of airtime.

There are so many ways that we work with audio for Web sites including editing excerpts of musical performances on musician’s Web sites such as demos for bookings, editing compelling demo excerpts of CD tracks for CD sales in shopping carts for online record stores, combining music with voiceovers for commercials, developing soundtracks for videos, etc.

Web audio production often goes hand in hand with Web video production and animated Flash presentations. Whenever a sound track is required, it must be produced to a professional standard or the whole presentation will suffer.

Bellevue International Corp. has in house talent to develop the musical composition required for projects, a network of associates and other Music and Soundtracksresources for music, voice talent and elements needed for each unique project.

Often we may also make use of your resources and staff and visit locations with our recording equipment to capture the audio that is needed for a project.

Technically, we can record at far higher sample rates and bit depths than commercial CD quality, up to 96 khz with a resolution of 24 bits. This is a recording quality at more than twice the sampling rate of commercial CDs with a resolution of more than 250 times the accuracy. We can do high quality field recording with our without video and also model any elaborate acoustic environment in the post production. For example, a pianist might like to have the sonic space and quality of a famous concert hall. We can take a recording, and make it sound as if it were in any environment by virtually modeling acoustic spaces. This cuts the cost of renting expensive concert halls, going out to locations, etc., since these acoustic environments can be created virtually. We can also create an appropriate acoustic environment for a particular seen and setting.


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