Audio Video Integration

Web designDo you need help integrating audio and video into your Web site? Do you need to improve your presentation and include various multimedia materials on your Web page?

Bellevue International Corp. not only provides the audio and video content for your needs, but can also integrate this into your Web site to stream effectively at the highest quality possible.

It’s often best that Web audio and video players be custom designed to compliment and match your specific Web site design rather than standing out as a misfit or eyesore. Perhaps you have seen Web sites with a mismatch of embedded videos from various video sharing Web sites. This lowers the quality of the presentation. It’s better to develop uniformity in custom design that will compliment and enhance your Web design, rather than detracting from it.

Too, every audio and video has different requirements. Sometimes you will want to offer your visitor more controls such as playback, volume, fullscreen, etc. - sometimes less. Sometimes you will want the audio or video to autoload. Sometimes you will want this to be initiated by the user with a play button.

There are cases where you will want the player to be invisible with few or no controls. For example, Bellevue International creates direct marketing presentations where it appears that the salesperson is walking out on to the Web page. In such cases the video integration must be invisible and seamless. There is no video player to be seen.


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