Copywriting / Scripting

Copywriting and ScriptingB ellevue International Corp. helps you to develop scripts for your advertising and multimedia marketing pieces and written copy for your Web sites.

We do scripting for advertising, video, Flash or multimedia. Effective scripting in multimedia is very important for generating a greater response and increasing the overall quality of the production. This can take the form of voiceovers and supporting animated text in the visual presentation. We can utilize the talent in your staff for voiceovers or use professional voice talent.

SEO CopywritingWe also provide SEO copywriting to market your videos online and Web site.There is a certain art and science to developing copy that will perform better and help Web pages come up under keyword searches. First, it’s simply necessary that the written copy is of a high quality. Second, it must be written in a certain way to support high rankings in the search engines. Many can write Web content, but it takes a special knowledge to write content that can sell as well as get indexed and rank well.

Bellevue International has years of experience in traditional copywriting as well as copywriting for the Web and e-marketing campaigns. This has included copywriting ranging from advertising copy to research and writing on scholarly topics.


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