Flash / Animation

Web design Bellevue International Corp. is a Flash developer. We build Web sites, animated multimedia marketing presentations, Internet advertising media and Web applications in Flash and other formats. We develop animations in other formats for videography and film.

Flash presentations can include animation, movies, audio, etc., all in one simple compact file format that can compress to a very small file size. This is most effective for online streaming. The advantage is that a small file size still maintains high quality for motion graphics and audio. We also offer fallbacks for media that don't support the Flash format.

Earth Globe as Animation SubjectFlash is one of the most effective mediums for adding animation, multimedia and interactivity to Web pages. When done properly, this can greatly enhance your marketing message. Flash adds value to the message with its ability to convey a complete representation of the information in static images, animations, audio and movie clips with boundless possibilities for artistry and variety. Flash can add a sense of awe and make a lasting impression. It is one of most effective ways to showcase a product or service or elaborate a subject.

With Flash, we can design custom players or modules adding controls and interactivity, giving the user the level of control appropriate for the presentation. For example, one can make a presentation autoload with no controls, or add playback buttons and other controls as needed, giving the user more control over a presentation. We can even make a player invisible so the user doesn’t even know that it is there.


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