Green Screen / Compositing

Bellevue International offers sophisticated green screen compositing techniques to make you appear in any setting. We offer background replacements, compositing and alpha channel production used in direct marketing to allow such effects as for you to walk on your Web site, etc.

Save on airline tickets, expensive sets and studio time. We can make your speaker or performers appear anywhere in the world in any setting, expensive sets, and design virtual environments and sets for a specific purpose. These can be very realistic environments that are indistinguisable from the real setting. Local businesses can come to our office, or we can bring our equipment to you.

In Greenscreening we shoot a video with a green background and then add in a desired background from another source. Green screening techniques allow infinite background options without ever having leave the studio or your office.

We capture the subject in the foreground with a green screen in the background. We then remove the green background, and replace this with a background of your choice, which can be a graphic, photograph, motion graphics, or a video of an entirely different setting, making it appear as if you're really there.

Greenscreen compositing reduces filming costs, saves time, prevents filming delays like weather or time, and saves on travel expenses affording infinite possiblities for settings. We can shoot winter seens in the summer, etc.

We can use greenscreening to showcase a model in exotic settings or different countries without the expense of travel and possible filming delays. We can produce music videos, extreme action seens, news, commercials, and documentary videos often for a fraction of the cost by employing these virtual reality techniques.

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