Music / Soundtracks

Web designW eb audio production goes hand in hand with Web video production and animated Flash presentations. Whenever a sound track is required, it must be produced to a professional standard or the whole presentation will suffer. Studies have shown that good quality video with a poor sound track is perceived to be of poor quality, while poor quality video with a high quality sound track may be still be considered of good quality. Quality professional audio is an essential part of the presentation.

The audio track communicates the compelling mood, emotion and effects the acting-willing-volitional side of the subject. Audio also adds the world of three-dimensionality, and suggests what's going on in a 360-degree environment that can't be seen.The video track communicates the information. With both, we can effect the reason and passion of the subject and portray the depth and dimension of human experience.

Music and SoundtracksOur music service includes filmscoring which is the background or incidental music written specifically to accompany a video presentation. This forms part of the soundtrack along with voiceover(s) and sound effects. The score contains parts that begin and end at specific points during the video or documentary in order to enhance the narrative, emotional, and conative (marketing) impact of the scenes.

Music and SoundtracksBellevue International has in house talent to develop the musical composition required for projects, a network of associates and other resources for music, voice talent and elements needed for each unique project.

Often we may also make use of your resources and staff and visit locations with our recording equipment to capture the audio that is needed for a project.


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