Special Effects

Web Video ProductionBellevue International produces special effects for movies and as appropriate for marketing and advertising videos.

Special effects may include sophisticated green screen compositing techniques to place you anywhere. We can make your speaker or performers appear anywhere in the world in any setting. Expensive sets are not required since we can use Hollywood techniques.

Music and SoundtracksBeyond green screen compositing techniques we can create numerous special effect illusions and have worked in special effects for short films, and have been invited to contribute special effects for projects in film festivals.

The special effects we offer include effects for science fiction and action movies including electrical effects, fog, smoke, gun fire, muzzle flare, charges, explosions, rolling fire, atmospheres, planets, spaceships, universes, and much more. We research and develop the appropriate special effects for projects per request.

You no longer need to invest a lot of your budget in physically producing effects that are often expensive, and dangerous, such as real firearms with blanks, pyrotechnics, etc. These effects can be added in later with great realism.


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