Video Advertising & Promotion

Banners / AdvertisingBellevue International Corp. develops videos, motion graphics and Flash for advertising and promotion. Video and animated advertising media includes animations, motion graphics, videos banners, Internet video advertising, commercials, television advertising and more. If you simply need an ad created for an existing campaign or need to advertise, we can fully produce ads, manage and find the targeted, most cost effective locations. Call us for a quote.

Order Professional Video and Animated
ADs From Bellevue International.

Videos for Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

It is often highly effective to create a short marketing piece ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to market your products or services and promote your events on your Web site, video file sharing sites and select advertising locations. This can involve video spokespeople, your own in house talent, etc. We can work with you to produce effective advertising and promotional videos, and motion graphic presentations in both sound and silent formats.

Video / Animated Banners

Global Banner AdvertisingBanner advertising can be used to achieve global visibility for your brand. Banners come in many shapes and sizes. We create attractive banners that will generate targeted traffic and build your brand by creating instant awareness. We develop interactive banner ads that revolve around these three types:

Animated rich-media banners do much better than the static banners. Online banner advertising is a cost-effective way of increasing traffic to your Web site. 

We also produce Web audio advertising that can be used on Internet radio stations. See our Audio Production, Voicover Services, and Music / Sountracks pages to learn more.


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