Web Video Marketing


Bellevue International offers Web video marketing ranging from videos to market your company, advertising videos, commercials, video spokespeople, and even broadcast quality television commercials. We also offer video production for almost any purpose.

We offer production for educational videos which is often very effective for business to market products through product education as well as educational videos for knowedge and learning on any topic. We also work in the fine arts, and produce concert videos. Developing quality content itself can be leveraged for marketing purposes and present you in the best light.

Belleve International not only offers Web marketing video production, but also Web video marketing programs. This involves integrating marketing videos into your Web site, Web video distribution to video file sharing sites, and the combined techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). (It could also involve paid advertising or paying to have your video displayed.) We work to get your video to place well not only under your Web site in search engines, but also in numerous other video file sharing and social media Web sites.

Web Video MarketingThis process is best begun by creating or leveraging an effective marketing video. Then comes the distribution and integration, and finally the search engine optimization and social media optimization techniques to get your video to place well under keyword searches in an array of video file sharing sites and other appropriate online media. The techniques of Web video marketing can also be used to market audio files, which may include musical performances, lectures, etc, since these are accepted on video file sharing sites. But it is better that we develop an audio file with a professionally produced visual element of animated motion graphics to better retain the viewers’ attention and support the message.

Video is more EngagingVideo is preferred to text in this day of YouTube and Web video. This is a great way to educate the viewers about your product or service. Education makes it easier to feature and sell your product so sales decisions can be made. Many browse the Internet to find a solution or for research. Web video is the best way to help the viewer to gain extra knowledge to come closer to a buying decision. Education quickly leads to the sale.


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