Web Video Production

Web Video ProductionBellevue International produces compelling videos to help sell your products or services. This can include a message from your company’s spokesperson, product demos, educational videos, etc. Perhaps someone in your company will be the best speaker for this project. If you wish to use professional outside talent or have time constraints, then we can cast the appropriate video spokesperson for this project to represent your company and its message.

Video CameraA Web video production project includes storyboarding, scripting, storytelling, the acquisition of appropriate footage for your project, including sending our videographer out to acquire footage, acquiring footage from other sources, putting the project together for use on the Web, integrating this into your Web site, and distributing this to other appropriate locations.

Web video production is often a collaborative effort of making use of your resources, other talent and footage, and making this into a cohesive highly professional presentation to support your sales and marketing efforts 24 /7, on demand, online.

Bellevue International Corp. is also adept at sophisticated green screen compositing techniques to place you anywhere. We can make your speaker or performers appear anywhere in the world in any setting. Expensive sets are not required since we can use Hollywood techniques to make it appear as if your speaker is in an elaborate set or exotic setting when in reality, we skillfully superimpose this in later. We have also worked in film and special effects to provide further enhancements.


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