Video Spokesperson

Web design A video spokesperson on your Web site will increase conversion rates while adding a personal touch. Let us cast your video spokesperson, or be your own video spokesperson. 

Many different approaches can be taken. We can add a video spokesperson to walk onto to your Web site to greet and guide your visitors, or introduce your company using your location or a studio setting. An online presenter, or walk-on video, can increase traffic and conversion rates on your Web site.

Web designA video spokesperson gives your potential clients an opportunity to know you, before they become your customer and helps to close the deal. If you don't want to be your own spokesperson, then we can help you find the right talented actor.

Bellevue International shoots and produces the video to insure the highest quality. In many cases we are recommending our local clients in Greater Seattle and surrounding areas be their own video spokespeople. We can come out to your location on the day of the shoot or can arrange for you to come to our studio.

If you choose to have an actor stand in for you as your spokesperson, then we can deliver this service to you no matter where you are located.

When your Web site prospects hear directly from you, your views and passions will be most compelling and help to make a connection and build a relationship. You will receive calls from potential clients who feel like they already know you. This is what a video spokesperson accomplishes.

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